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LIVE Rants About the 37th Annual Daytime Emmys

The 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards are airing LIVE from Sin City (Las Vegas) tonight, and this thread will serve as my LIVE reactions to the telecast on CBS. Emmy-winning talk show host Regis Philbin is the host, and there will be Vegas acts, as well as a performance from The Lion King and a tribute to Dick Clark and American Bandstand, and a salute to As the World Turns, which is leaving us in less than three short months after a 54-year ride. (Awards Corner Daytime Emmy Predictions/Preview) (8:30PM EDT)

UPDATE (8:56PM EDT)- Supporting Actress Nominee Beth Chamberlin (ex-Beth, GL) tweeted that her category is up first? Will it be Beth's lucky night, or will Carolyn Hennessy do what Trent Dawson couldn't and prove that Comedy is it in Daytime? Or will Arianne Zuker, Bree Williamson, or Julie Pinson win?

UPDATE (9:06PM EDT)- The show opens with illusionist David Copperfield and a magic trick. And out comes Host Regis Philbin. Philbin opens the show with a few jokes, and a special David Letterman Top 10.

UPDATE (9:09PM EDT)- First Category- Best Supporting Actress (presenters Kelly Monaco & Jonathan Jackson)

UPDATE (9:10PM EDT)- Julie Pinson pulls off the upset for Supporting Actress for As the World Turns. "Wow, this is really nice up here."- Pinson accepting the trophy

UPDATE (9:12PM EDT)- Ryan Seacrest with the American Bandstand Tribute;
This is a colorful tribute to the "soundtrack to our lives" and America's oldest teenager, Dick Clark. And now are some of the acts that appeared on Bandstand, including The Spinners (who appeared on Bandstand eight times over the years).

UPDATE (9:21PM EDT)- The Dick Clark/Bandstand Tribute is STILL going on. Um....this awards show is supposed to be about the Drama of Daytime, isn't it?

UPDATE (9:28PM EDT)- Commercial Break. Rachael Ray & The Lion King cast are presenting Supporting Actor after the break. Will Jonathan Jackson, who won three Daytime Emmys before the age of 18- get Lucky with a fourth? Will his co-star Bradford Anderson break through at the nerdy Spinelli? Or will it be a Wonderful Life for Billy J. Miller? Will the third time be the charm for Ricky Paull Goldin? Or can Brian Kerwin win?

UPDATE (9:31PM EDT)- While I am eating dinner and typing, The Lion King number feels out of place, kind of the like the snooze-fest known as the 61st Annual Academy Awards (Rob Lowe + Snow White anyone?)

UPDATE (9:34PM EDT)- It's a Wonderful Life for Billy J. Miller, who won for the EXACT SAME episode that won Christian LeBlanc an Emmy last year. "Mom and Dad, I love you. This will be on your mantle, as soon as I get in trouble in Vegas."- Miller, accepting the Emmy; Up Next is Game Show, presented by The Doctors.

UPDATE (9:36PM EDT)- Cash Cab wins for Game Show for the third year in a row. "First of all, I can't believe I had to give a speech after a Dick Clark tribute and a pair of rhinos dancing."- the Cash Cab Executive Producer, who called Cash Cab host Ben Bailey, the "wittiest" Game Show host. The As the World Turns tribute and The Blue Man Group presenting Best Informative Talk Show are up after the Commercial Break.

UPDATE (9:45PM EDT)- Alex Trebek and The Blue Man Group Present the Nominees for Best Informative Talk Show. Each of the three Blue Men on stage get into a little box and display the nominees for Informative Talk Show and do their thing. The Emmy goes to The Doctors, who gets its first win in this category. "This is awesome."- Jay McGraw, accepting the Emmy, "This team is the hardest working team in all of TV. Thank you so much!"

UPDATE (9:48PM EDT)- All My Children's Cameron Mathison & Rebecca Budig present the Nominees for Best Younger Actor- three of the nominees left their shows (Patton, Clifton, & . The Emmy went to Drew Tyler Bell for The Bold and the Beautiful in another Emmy upset. Bell is the only actor from his soap to be nominated, and the only actor in his category on his respective show.

UPDATE (9:50PM EDT)- As the World Turns real-life couple Jon Hensley & Kelley Menighan Hensley present a tribute to their soap. "The show has cared about each other, and the show is about six generations of families who loved and cared about each other."- Jon Hensley

UPDATE (9:53PM EDT)- Commercial Break; Wayne Brady and Cirque du Soleil are coming up; It was great to see clips of As the World Turns through the years, and it will be sad to see it go. How can you replace an institution like As the World Turns? More on that in the September issue of the BC Bulletin as The World Stops Turning.

UPDATE (9:57PM EDT)- The Young and the Restless's Joshua Morrow and Sharon Case present the Daytime Emmy for Talk Show Entertainment, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show gets an unexpected win; Ellen did not show up for the Emmys, and she took her name out of the Talk Show Host category this year.

UPDATE (10:00PM EDT)- It's the halfway point of the show; Christopher & Kyle Massey are up on stage to present Younger Actress. Julie Berman repeats as Best Younger Actress for General Hospital. "I'll see you guys later."- Berman jokingly to the Masseys, accepting her Emmy; "I love the actors that I work with genuinely."- Berman in her acceptance speech; OK, I think Wayne Brady and Cirque are after this Commercial Break.

UPDATE (10:10 PM EDT)- Wayne Brady & Cirque du Soleil present the nominees for Best Drama Series Directing team, which are the three ABC soaps and The Bold and the Beautiful; I think General Hospital will win it for the Carnival scenes (and Drama Series later on); What happens in Vegas does not happen on Daytime...right? WRONG? And I'm correct, because those were some powerfully explosive scenes at the Carnival. You just can't beat that. The GH directors paid tribute to As the World Turns and Guiding Light and the Procter & Gamble soap legacy, which was pretty nice.

UPDATE (10:12 PM EDT)- Laura McKenzie, Emmy-nominated travel host takes us on a tour of the Hilton, where the Emmys are airing, and where the afterparty will be, including a stop at Benihana

UPDATE (10:17PM EDT)- Montel Williams introduced an update to Daytime Gives Back, where this year, Daytime gave back to American families in need. General Hospital's Kelly Monaco and The Bold and the Beautiful's Ronn Moss gave the update to Daytime Gives Back, where Daytime stars visited Americans at homes and in shelters. This is a tearjerking segment, and my heart sank, because in this economy, we can be a paycheck away from being poor.

UPDATE (10:20PM EDT)- Another Commercial Break. Coming up next are the 40th Anniversary Tribute to All My Children and Susan Lucci presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award to All My Children's Creator and past Executive Producer and Head Writer Agnes Nixon. There are six categories (Drama Series Writing, Game Show Host, Lead Actor and Actress, Talk Show Host, and Drama Series) left.

UPDATE (10:26PM EDT)- Susan Lucci is on stage. She IS the face of Daytime ("I don't remember the premiere of AMC. I was only five at the time."). 22 Nominations, 1 Win. She won on her 19th try. Agnes Nixon is a groundbreaker in Daytime with tackling social issues on daytime. If there wasn't Agnes Nixon, Daytime television would be different.

UPDATE (10:28PM EDT)- Commercial Break. Jeff Foxworthy is presenting Talk Show Host. REMEMBER, Ellen DeGeneres took her name out, so she will not win. Outside, it's raining heavily now.

UPDATE (10:31PM EDT)- Cheech and Chong get into the Cash Cab. Uh-oh, more commercials.
..and more rain...

UPDATE (10:36PM EDT)- The Bold and the Beautiful's Kimberly Matula and Younger Actor loser Zac Conroy present the Game Show Host category. Ben Bailey, who drove Cheech and Chong in the last bumper (lol) pulls off a win in the Game Show Host category. Cash Cab is a great show, and it makes you think on your toes. "I'd like to thank my fellow stand-up comedians and taxi drivers."- Bailey in his acceptance speech

UPDATE (10:38PM EDT)- Days of Our Lives Peter Reckell (Bo) & Louise Sorel (Vivian) present the Drama Series Nominees for Writing (AMC, ATWT, B&B, and Y&R). Bradley Bell wins an Emmy for Writing The Bold and the Beautiful, which submitted the Betty White death episodes in this, Directing, and Series reels.

UPDATE (10:40PM EDT)- Jeff Foxworthy of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader and Blue Collar Comedy Tour fame presents the (Ellen DeGeneres-free) Talk Show Host Category; The View pulled off the shocker last year, but the new kid on the block, Dr. Oz won for Talk Show host, and he wasn't able to show up, which means the show is moving on.

UPDATE (10:42PM EDT)- Which Leading Studs and Lovelies will win for Best Actor & Actress? Michael Park, Maura West, James Scott, Peter Bergman, Doug Davidson, Michelle Stafford, Sarah Brown, Bobbie Eakes, Jon Lindstrom, and Crystal Chappell are up, and two of them will win. (1) 1975 was the only year that the Lead Actor and Actress were from the same show; (2) 1983 was the last year the Lead Actor winner was a first-time nominee; (3) No soap star from a cancelled soap has won for their cancelled soap after it went off the air

UPDATE (10:48PM EDT)- Vanessa Marcil Giovanazzo presents Best Actor. Park is the wide favorite to win, based on his reel. The third time is the charm for Oakdale's G-Man who played the role for 13 years. "I'm sorry, Regis. There's a party going on and I can't leave now....Thank you for your leadership....we had to say goodbye to 60 members of our family on Wednesday....Maura West, I really am going to miss you, thank you for being my friend."- clips from Park's acceptance speech. Park was the first ATWT actor since 1987 to win in this race and Maura West (see below) was nominated in the years that Park has been (2001, 2007, 2010).

UPDATE (10:52PM EDT)- Trevor St. John and Michael Easton from One Life to Live present Best Actress. For the first time in 35 years, the Best Actor and Actress are from the same soap as Maura West joins the Emmy "AA Club"*. Guiding Light goes home emptyhanded after 72 years, 15,762 episodes, and 3 Drama Series wins, plus more Emmys. The losing streak for cancelled soaps continues at the Daytime Emmys.
*- Dennis Franz, Linda Dano, Sharon Gless, Kirstie Alley, Jordan Clarke, and now Maura West have all won Emmys for substance abuse segments

ONE MORE Category- Drama Series. As I mentioned, General Hospital will win its record 11th Emmy in a few.

UPDATE (10:55PM EDT)- Drama Series is the last race (the nominees besides GH are All My Children, B&B, and Y&R). Regis and Susan Lucci are Presenting the Category. B&B's clip is from its Emmy reel. Y&R is clipping to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. GH's clip is outstanding, as is AMC's.

UPDATE (10:58PM EDT)- The fourth time is NOT the charm for General Hospital Disaster Plots. The Bold and the Beautiful pulled off an almighty upset over the heavily favored GH, thanks to a Golden Girl who is 88 years young, Betty Marion White. Brad Bell should have thanked Betty White in his speech, because Lorne Michaels will in August, hehe...

Wow, the show is over. Now off to digest my thoughts. I'll post again.

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