Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 Before 30: The Revised List

The last one won't edit properly, so here goes again.

30 Before 30 What is 30 Before 30? It is 30 Things You Want to Get Accomplished Before Your 30th Birthday.

1) Get my driver's license

2) Move out of my dad's house

3) "The personal one" (I refuse to give out any details, and will not spill any beans)

4) Planning an event, using all of the skills and experience (and lessons) that I learned from CPB, Jonda, The CYP Club, WCRS, and WOBN.

5) Do some art and get shown at Gallery Hop (or somewhere), and now I have fewer July 4th 2010 pictures :o(

6) If # 2 happens, I should host an art show in my house (kind of like the original location of 83 Gallery)

7) If # 2 happens, I'm definitely hosting a movie night (and if I move to OTE, I might even consider The Tour)

8] Host my own radio show on a radio station (sorry, WOBN) NOTE: This is 95% a done deal.

9) TBA

10) Go to a Columbus Blue Jackets or Columbus Crew Game (ACCOMPLISHED on April 1, 2011- Not an April Fool's Joke: The Crew beat FC Dallas 2-0)

11) Guest Host a Trivia Night

12) Jog for a mile, non-stop, and then jog nonstop throughout a park trail (i.e. Franklin, Schiller, Goodale, Whetstone, Jeffrey, Northam, or Driving; NOT i.e. English, Alum Creek, Deaf School/Topiary, or Moeller)

13) Lose 100 pounds (at last weigh-in, I tipped the scale at 337, yikes!)

14) Go to a Mardi Gras Party (ACCOMPLISHED on March 8, 2011)

15) Watch Every Single Academy Award Nominee for Best Picture (Update: As of 4/20/11, I have watched three years of nominees- 1964, 1976, 2008, and 2007; and several years- 1952, 1953, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1981, 2001, and 2005, there is one nominee missing [1952- Moulin Rouge, 1968- Funny Girl, 1969- keeping the Streisand theme-> Hello Dolly!, 1970- Airport, 1981- Atlantic City, 2001- In the Bedroom, although I'm sure I watched it, but don't remember, 2005- Munich {which robbed Walk the Line}, 2007- don't remember off the top of my head)

16) Watch Every Single Golden Raspberry Award Winner for Worst Picture (Update: As of 4/05/11- I watched Rambo II [1985], Howard the Duck [co-1986], Cocktail [1988], Hudson Hawk [1991], Indecent Exposure [1993], Showgirls [1995], The Postman [1997], Wild Wild West [1999], Battlefield Earth [2000], Swept Away [2002], Gigli [2003], Catwoman [2004], I Know Who Killed Men [2007], The Love Guru [2008], Transformers 2 [2009], and The Last Airbender [2010]).

17) I'm skipping this one

18) Take part in a 5K race (I don't know if I can do the full 26.2 marathon, although I'll give myself extra credit if I do in '12.)

19) Save up some $$$ and get DJ equipment, so I can DJ weddings, corporate events, bar mitzvahs or confirmations, class reunions, networking events, parties, etc.

20) Write a couple of screenplays and get one produced, such as the one that I wrote for ENGL 264 my final quarter at Otterbein- "Convention".

21) Get my credit card issues resolved

22) Walk all the way up High Street, starting at Broad and High, walking all the way up to the High & Wilson Bridge/270, and then walking down High Street to I-270/Great Southern, and then walking all the way back up High Street to Broad and High. (and I'd have to pick a day in which it will be sunny, and light out for 15-16 hours)

23) Watch Michigan beat Ohio State up in football, with or without Jim Tressel.

24) Go to New York City

25) Go back to Washington DC, and come back with a photo spread of the White House, Capitol, National Mall, Adam's Morgan, Dupont Circle, and Arlington

26) Go to Ann Arbor, Michigan (especially for # 23) to make a pilgrimage to the University of Michigan and The Big House

27) Take part in a charity date auction

28) Watch all 123 movies from both the original 1998 and revised 2007 AFI Top 100 list.

29) TBA

30) Go to a Cincinnati Bengals football game (preferably at Cleveland Browns Stadium vs. the Cleveland Clowns or Heinz Field vs. the Pittsburgh Stealers)

Ones that Did Not Make the List:

- Make a Columbus Bicentennial Documentary (# 1 would have to happen first, and so would # 21)

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A Man and His Awards said...

# 8 was completed on Monday night. The topics discussed were basically an introduction to myself and what I do; Songs played from music artists included Lawrence Welk, Todd Rundgren, Europe, and Queen.

Next Monday, an intro to "The Weekend Warrior".

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